I am a Maine artist who loves to spend time outside in nature and try to capture at least a small portion of the beauty I see there. Over the years I have worked in oils, watercolor, etching/painting on scratchboard & clayboard, porcelain and photography. Currently I work mostly in water media on the clayboard and scratchboard bases.

Many have asked about my single name signature Annaclette A signature I have been using from a young age which is also my middle name. I was given that middle name in memory of my French maternal grandmother. I was born here in Brunswick, grew up mostly in the Portland area and now live in Alfred, Maine.

Some years back while doing research for illustration projects for the Wells Reserve & the Laudholm Trust; I became interested in photographing our native wild flowers. Those early illustrations were pen and ink.


I started with pen & ink, but soon began experimenting with etching images on scratchboard and then adding watercolor and even later inks. This technique produces very finely detailed images. I have also enjoyed using the same etching techniques to produce non-objective art. Exploring how fine lines and colors can create illusions, depths and visual curves even using only straight lines.


For inspiration, I still volunteer with groups that support natural environments; including over the years; Laudholm Trust, The Wells Reserve, Great Works Regional Land Trust, and Three Rivers Land Trust. I also volunteer with the New England Plant Conservation Program and NAOCC (a native orchids research). Although physically more limited now, I love to return to the woods; searching for my favorite subjects. There is always something new to see and just enjoy being outside.


Currently my work is mostly available to be seen here online, by email, and by appointment in Alfred, Maine. I do participate annually in many of the Art shows sponsored by the Art Guild of the Kennebunks

and the Maine Women in the Arts in the Kennebunk area.


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